Saturday, October 10, 2009

When And Where Do You Write?

by Jennifer Brown

I get up around 5a.m. and write.  Or try to write.  Sometimes I just sit there and look at a work in progress and hate it.  Sometimes something really takes off and the morning flies by.  Regular mornings are spent at my desk—the one in the picture.  Special writing mornings are spent on the deck of my boyfriend’s cabin in the Shenandoah Valley (the other pic).  I am hoping that I can get to where I’m able to write anywhere and everywhere at anytime of day or night, but I’m not there yet. 

How about you? Where and when do you write?  Do you have an office?  A kitchen table? A corner of the library?  A coffeeshop table?  Does it matter to you—or can you write anywhere and everywhere?  Can you post a pic of your special place?


  1. I have done most of my poetry writing this semester on my bed with the laptop. Some of it on the living room, or the balcony. Not sure how to post pictures in comments. Let me see if I can figures it out.....

  2. it used to be i did all of my poetry writing by hand, first, in a journal but now i find i am composing more on the computer and usually in the afternoon after i have done some reading.

    but that would be if i had written anything new in about a week....

  3. I love your writing areas! I am still getting settled so I've just begun to write on my new couch or at my new dining room table. Before that I was making it work on an air mattress lol. I really like to write in public places (coffee shops, libraries) next to big windows. I also have a thing for sitting in direct sunlight while I write. I just like the way the sun feels on my skin. I'll have to start posting pics of the coffee shops I've found around town.


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