Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Contributors Welcome!

Happy Final Decision Day, New MFA'ers!

I have to say that I am very excited that the upcoming class of new MFA students has taken the initiative to see about becoming contributors on the blog. I look forward to your introductory posts and getting to know more about you and your program!

To be honest, when the blog started I hadn't imagined it as something that we'd continue to add contributors to each year. I thought it would be interesting to look at the experiences of people who all started their MFAs at the same time and where it would lead for all of us and that's as far as my vision went. Thankfully, the nature of this blog does not limit it to one person's vision! So I'm really thankful and excited about how things are turning out and that people have found what we've done here useful and now want to contribute.

We are totally open for new contributers! You can contact me at jkgadson at for access to start posting on this blog if you are interested. The only requirement is that you be an MFA student of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction. It doesn't matter if you are low-residency or whatever the opposite of low-residency is since full-time doesn't sound right to my seminar paper fried mind. Onsite? Anyone, anyone? Buehler?

I'm planning on changing the way contributors are displayed so it will be a few weeks before that's accurate. But it would be great for the next class to keep the blog going with introductory posts and other prepping-for-the-program type posts while a lot of us who are already in programs labor under end of semester demands, which I plan to post about next week after I've finally completed this 20 page lit paper.


  1. Oh, JayTee, I went throught the 25 page academic paper thing last semester. . . it was awful! I feel for you!

  2. omg, completely forgot it was Decisions Day when I posted about workshop frazzle-ment. oops. did not mean to be such a Debbie Downer!

  3. Bethany--- no worries! I actually felt bad for posting this post and bumping yours down that day! It's a great post.


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