Monday, September 12, 2011

Update (with some things of interest for those of you who write poetry)

Hello everyone! Katie Darby (now Katie Mullins) here. I started out with this blog back right after being admitted to SIU-Carbondale in the Fiction program. I can't remember how much of the last two years I've shared on this blog, but suffice it to say, things got interesting and I am now firmly off the beaten path of the MFA.

I am, however, currently adjuncting at the University of Evansville in southern Indiana, and even more excitingly, I'm currently the Guest Editor for a special music-poetry crossover edition of the formal poetry magazine Measure. (Some of you guys may remember I had a music blog, Katie Darby Recommends, on the side-- this edition of Measure will combine my passion and love for the artists I work with with the passion and love I have for poetry. We'll be looking for formal poems that are about music or musicians, that explore the connection between music and poetry, and even some lyrics. We're also hoping to get a lot of songwriters on board to share their part of the verse-world. I couldn't be more excited.

So I guess this is a two-pronged post: to say that I'm still here, following in the footsteps I first took in 2009, even though it's been sort of a scattered journey-- and to give you guys a heads-up about the new issue I'll be editing. As always, you can email me at if you want more details, and until then, check out the Measure website. And pass this call for submissions along to music loving friends and musicians who write!

Friday, September 9, 2011

MFA Rankings

I know, I know... I have been MIA. My post-MFA life isn't so glamorous, as I work part-time at Georgia College teaching English composition and am spending my spare time submitting poetry like mad. For more information on me (or my poetry publications), please check out .

Now that the self-promotion is over, I wanted to come over here to post this link.

Creative Writing Profs Dispute Their Ranking–No, the Entire Notion of Ranking!

I know that I'm not the only one who has been interested in rankings throughout my whole MFA application process and during the time I spent in an MFA. I thought this might be a good place for us to discuss/debate a little bit!

I hope you are all doing well--whether you're still working on your MFA or you've moved onto the next stage of your life.
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