Tuesday, February 23, 2010


So, what's everyone thinking about doing for the summer? I'm thinking about working. A lot if I can. Of course, writing a lot. I've been good about writing the last few summers so I'm looking forward to that again. I am going to miss the structure of the program and wish I had something with a similar structure for the summer (like a conference or something) but that's not something I can financially do now.

Anyone have any interesting plans? Any ideas?


  1. I found the most peaceful place in the whole world for me - Wilmington, North Carolina.

    I'll be working all summer but I intend to go for a few days down to NC just to sit by Cape Fear on the Riverwalk and write my heart out.

  2. I have an interview for a summer job tomorrow actually. English instructor for a summer bridge program at OSU, working with minority students (which I have some experience doing already). It'll be a sweet deal if I get the job.

  3. as a post-MFA, i really wanted to apply and go to a conference but i really don't want to actually do all the paperwork and spend all the app fees but i think i should try to get away somewhere. maybe i can do a house swap with someone :)

  4. I'm not doing anything! There is not much of a summer job market here, so I'm not going to stress myself silly over it.

    Summer plans:
    Being poor, being crafty (making blankets, sock monkeys, etc,) and planning my wedding.

  5. I'm free from early May, when the spring semester ends, until late June. My partner and I are planning on taking a trip somewhere in May, and then I'll probably spend a week or so back in Ohio. I'm teaching during the second summer session - basically late June till early August. Other than that, just writing, running, reading, typical summer things.

    I'm actually really excited about summer teaching. Penn State has this program called LEAP that is designed to give motivated freshmen a headstart on college. They take two classes over the summer - one in comp and one is a subject area. The classes are taught cooperatively to some extent, and the students also live as a group and have a group mentor. It's a super cool program and I'm really looking forward to the chance to develop a syllabus in cooperation with a teacher in another discipline.

    Anybody else doing summer teaching?

  6. I'll still be teaching here in Slovakia until the semester ends at the end of June. After that I'll just be moving home, visiting friends and family, getting reacquainted with my beloved America, and trying to figure out how to prepare to move to wherever I'm going to move to get ready for whatever grad program I end up going to!

    MAN, I'm so freaking EXCITED for summer!

  7. @ Jessie: You should definitely apply to conferences. They are super worth it. Work I wrote at Squaw Valley almost three years ago I still count as some of my best.

    And it's not too much paperwork, is it?

    I'd like to find some work this summer, maybe waiting tables or something like that. Otherwise, who knows. Waiting tables at Bread Loaf, wouldn't be too bad, either...(which means I better apply soon...)


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