Friday, October 2, 2009

Has It Really Been Six Weeks?

by Emily May Anderson

On one hand, it feels like time has flown by, like just a few days ago I was moving into this apartment and meeting my peers for the first time. On the other hand, it also feels like I’ve been here forever, like I can’t remember being anywhere else and not knowing these people that I’ve come to know so intimately.

I just got back from an MFA party at a professor’s house. Her home was lovely, and all the MFAs, and their assorted hangers-on, are so nice! There were kids at the party, and cats, and husbands and sisters and boyfriends. And there was rather a lot of food, all of it very good. Those creative types can cook! I made an apple crisp and brought a bottle of Spanish Quarter red. It was actually rather funny – I stopped at the wine shop on the way to the party, got my bottle and got in line and noticed one of my professors in line a couple people ahead of me. As I was chatting with her, a guy from workshop came in, all of us buying wine for the party.

It was a nice time, and now I am home, and planning to do some work. Tomorrow I need to go for a long run, do some work, clean my apartment, and I’m trying to organize some of the first years into meeting for a few drinks tomorrow night.

I have been through six weeks of classes and am rapidly approaching the halfway point on this first semester. Each week is so busy that it seems to fly by. I know it will be November before I realize it, then Thanksgiving, then the end of the semester and Christmas. I can hardly believe my first semester is going so fast.


  1. My first semester is speeding past as well. I am now really glad to be in a 3 year program.

  2. I keep thinking about that, Jennifer. My program is only two years, and I keep thinking that this semester is one-fourth of my program. Crazy! It makes me feel like I've got to get a move on and start really revising and submitting and working like mad!

  3. the MFA time goes by SOOO fast. I wish I had hung our more with my fellow classmates but I think I made up for it my last semester :)

  4. Know what you mean - the time is flying and I still haven't even had time to fully unpack, I've been so busy with writing. By the time I feel like I've settled into the Bay Area the MFA may be over. :-)


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