Monday, December 21, 2009

Is that Google Wave thing happening?

Did I miss the boat? If we haven't decided yet on any google-wave workshopping (or perhaps collaborating?) over the course of the winter break, I'd suggest we get a move-on...

So, are people still interested?


  1. Me, too! I think Chris had originally brought it up and hasn't organized anything sense. But yes, count me in.

    One question to ask, too, is if we want to split up poetry and prose, or throw it all in together. I vote for everything together, just because I don't get to read nearly enough poetry. Plus, it might be an interesting exercise to cross genres in this setting- fun, relaxed experimental Google Wave workshop.

    So, maybe Josh or Chris, you want to get everyone's e-mail who is involved and send a wave? (and then we can move the discussion there, instead of here, too)

  2. If people are okay with non-MFA students being involved, count me in...

  3. I'm game - I'm newnonfiction on there as well.

  4. Er, this is completely off-topic. I just started reading this blog and I'm applying to MFAs, including Houston, and I was already pretty excited about Houston's program, but reading what you have to say has convinced me that that feeling is correct.

    I'm just wondering if you have been involved in or aware of anything associated with the Mitchell Center for Collaboration among the Arts, which immediately moved Houston from the "maybe" list to the "definitely" list for me. I'm so curious!

    Anyway, like I said this is really off-topic so if you'd rather e-mail me (and have time to deal with my goofiness), it's Okay I'll get off your blog now.

  5. I'm interested! How are we doing this thing?!


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