Saturday, August 29, 2009


By Casey Tolfree

Orientation was yesterday. I went down early to pick up my books and I.D. and all that fun stuff. I bought an Adelphi sweatshirt and decal for my car. I may be a graduate student but I'm all about school pride. If I'm going to spend the next two years commuting an hour to a school and pouring all my money into it then I'm going to be attached to it.

I got to campus way too early though. I was afraid there would be lines - there was one small one when I picked up my books but otherwise everything was smooth sailing. It didn't help that it was down pouring outside. I didn't bring in my umbrella because I thought that the rain would stop but it only got worse and worse. After sitting in the lounge surrounded by freshmen parents (it was apparently freshmen orientation too) for about 30 minutes, I finally decided to buy an umbrella. I wasn't going to get my newly purchased books soaked.

So, 15 dollars later I have my umbrella, start my walk to the car and drive over to Something Greek. A great little Greek life store my sorority uses for most of our purchases, paddles, jackets, etc. I picked up a new decal for my car. Zoey (my car) is going to be decked out.

Anyways, I finally get to the store four minutes later and it's stopped raining. Great.

But anyway, orientation. It was nice. I got to meet the teachers in the program. They each read some of their work and then spoke very briefly about the ways to succeed in the program. Reading life, community, etc. I loved meeting my new classmates though, my future community. I felt like I haven't had that community for a long time and the people I met seem nice enough, funny enough, interesting enough.

Tuesday's the first day of classes. Genre Development and Playwriting. I'm both nervous and exciting for this new experience. I'll update you then.



  1. Sorry about the rain. It was nasty here yesterday too. But glad you got to meet everyone and that you feel like they'll be a good community. Good luck with classes this next week!


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