Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Intro: Chelsea Querner, UNC-Greensboro (class of 2012)

Woo! New faces. And their accompanying (awkward) introductions.

Hello, all! Just taking a quick minute to scoot on over and introduce myself. My name is Chelsea Querner and I will be attending UNC-Greensboro's MFA in poetry this fall. I graduated from Roger Williams U in Rhode Island last May and earned a BA in creative writing. One year in the "real world" was enough to convince me I needed to be back in school, haha. Among other reasons.

It's hard consciously trying to be interesting but here's my best effort:
- I love the power of free verse. Big fan of manipulating line breaks and the relationship between blank space and stanzas via isolating words, repetition, narrative, punctuation (lack thereof). Two thumbs up.
- My work definitely has an emphasis on the human body; its abilities to communicate without language, its inherent metaphors, and its value/threat for different speakers.
- I cannot write metered or rhyming poetry. Sincerely, when attempting it, it's as if my fingers go into temporary paralysis and I'm forced to look at a blank screen. No good. It's on my to do list for grad school.
- I'm from New England and I'm thoroughly looking forward to having a break from grueling winters, frozen car doors and potholes. The worst.
- In certain areas, some might accuse me of being a Masshole, only while driving!

I'm truly looking forward to getting to know all the incoming and of course, the established bloggers on here. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, wit and adventures. Good luck to all and enjoy your respective summers!



  1. Welcome! Good luck with moving!

  2. hello and welcome to a fellow Rhode Islander! :D Are you the same Roger Williams grad who posted on the MFA Blog?

  3. Chelsea--I'm looking forward to meeting you! I'm entering my second year at UNCG. I have to warn you: we missed several days due to snow, and we take a class called Structure of Verse where we wrote many many (too many) poems in rhyme and meter. But don't worry! Both are tolerable and surprisingly fun :)

  4. Welcome!

    When you say you write about the body, do you mean in a (among other possibilities...) biological or chemical context, dance, athletic/meditative, sexual, political, or etc.?

    I ask because I have a pet theory that people draw on specific areas of learning while writing, and yet your reference (to the body as non-verbal communication) seemed potentially to side-step that theory. I wonder how to integrate other manifestations of the thought/feeling that drives the writing fix...

    Either way, enjoy the warmer weather.


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