Thursday, June 3, 2010

Norman Mailer Writers Colony

I've been at the Norman Mailer's Writers Colony for the past few days taking a poetry workshop with Dean Young. It's amazing. Mailer's house is right on the water in Provincetown, MA. Beautiful. Everyone is kind and smart and Dean Young is super cool. We're writing a poem a day.

Consider applying. They offer scholarships for housing and tuition.

Mailer's House

View from the back deck.


  1. I'm curious how you found out about the colony, why you decided to take the class/classes you did, and how you feel now that you've finished the week!

  2. Jealous!! Thanks for sharing the photos :)

  3. OMG! Yes, more info please! I'm going to try for this next year. It looks amazing! I met Dean Young once. In some supernatural psychic moment after his reading, I was walking by as a group of students was trying (unsuccesfully) to guess his middle name. Out of nowhere I guessed it in one try! lol He thought I google stalked him, I know it.

  4. I got an email about the Colony from my English Dept. It's pretty new, only opened last year, so I think a lot of people haven't heard of it yet.

    I actually applied for the big one-month fellowship in July, but didn't get it. There are only seven spots. However, I received a very nice email offering me a scholarship (tuition and housing) for one week at the Colony as an excellent consolation prize!

    I was placed in the poetry workshop because it had space, but after being there, I don't think I could have picked a better week to go. Dean Young was a fantastic teacher and everyone I met was incredibly talented and interesting.

    I highly recommend it. The Mailer House is beautiful, right on the water. The people who run the Colony are awesome. The condo I stayed in was posh and Provincetown is so much fun. If you haven't heard of it, it's a super liberal, queer-friendly little town on the tip of Cape Cod. Very safe, very pretty, very small. It's a great place to write.

  5. Oh and you can see more pictures and read my daily thoughts while I was at the Colony on my personal blog:


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