Wednesday, September 2, 2009

MFA Degree Association

Hey all,

Quick post to let you know that the MFA Degree Association is offering free memberships (totally free, no trial period) to MFA Chroniclers!

I look at MFA Degree association as a social media site for MFAs of all types. From the site it looks like they are planning to host panels & workshops, provide opportunities for members to interact with "editors, gallery owners, agents, managers, etc.". Right now there is an event scheduled in Los Angeles.

Here's some info on Lawrence Ross, the founder: wikipedia and his own blog from his time in UCLA's MFA program for screenwriting.

We can cross-post our blog posts over there if we like, he has no problem with us sharing our content over there if we choose.

I don't want to give out anyone's email address for the free memberships without permission so post in the comments if you'd be interested and I can send him a list or you can email Lawrence Ross, the founder here:


  1. hello, I'd be interested:

  2. I'm interested!

  3. I'm interested!

  4. I'm interested.

  5. Sure!

    Keely dot Hyslop at gmail dot com. (Spammers scare me.)


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