Wednesday, September 30, 2009


by Whitney Gray

Hey everyone--

Hope the semester is going well for you. While I'm wrapping up my sixth week, I am amazed that some of you are starting your first week. Crazy. Well, in the midst of all this homework and reading and y'know, attending class, I had almost forgotten that I am one of the featured poets over at Contemporary American Voices, an online publication.

At the request of my beloved professor and mentor, Judson Mitcham, I submitted three poems, all of which were included in my writing sample. My best friend, Dot, is also featured on the site. We went to the same undergrad, and now she is enjoying her time as a low-res student at Pacific. My heart jumped when I saw she had new poems. (Does anyone else get like this? You see a new poem by someone you love/admire/work with and you get so totally excited?)

So, yes, this is a post to brag, but mostly to gush, and to say I hope you all share your publication news with us. It's a small victory for me, but I'm proud to have it and to share it with you. I've only been published in one other journal, and I'm 99% sure they lost funding and fizzled out after only one issue. (Bummer!) Anyway, you can check out the poems here. Enjoy! I can't wait to read your reactions!


  1. CONGRATS! Bragging/gushing is totally valid. :)

  2. congrats! i also love when i recognize a name in a journal. so much fun to email or msg that person and say hey! I saw your poem :)

  3. WOO HOO!! I'm sooo glad you shared this here and so excited for you. Congrats on the publication!

    Ummm...Remnants...whoa. Seriously, I just wonder how you came up with that and how you wrote from those perspectives. Mimicry is a high form of praise so I'm gonna try something like what you did in that piece. I like the consider frame you put on the piece (hope that makes sense, I think you'll get what I mean). Anyway...not to workshop you or anything lol. I enjoyed them all, but especially that one.

  4. Congrats! I'm really hoping to get something published by the end of the year. I won a contest with an essay just now, and I think I can probably find a home for it, but it's long, which limits my options. I really want to be read!

    I've posted on here as cashew/John and used to blog at I've changed to wordpress.

  5. "Remnants" really stays with you. Incredibly powerful poem. Enjoyed the other two as well. Thanks for sharing your work and your triumph! Congratulations!

  6. Whitney, I really enjoyed your poems. All three had such attractive rhythm that I wanted to read them aloud.


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