Thursday, September 10, 2009

Week Two

By Casey Tolfree

That's me and my boyfriend at my Uncle's wedding by the way. Aren't we cute? Haha.

So week two has passed successfully and I still feel ahead of the game with my reading. I finished Northanger Abbey already for my Tuesday afternoon class and I am halfway through A Doll's House for my playwriting class.

I'm up for workshop next week. I'm not as tentative about the fiction workshop as I was last week. This week was much better and after the first workshops today, they weren't bad. The writing was good, the critiques constructive. I'm excited to give my story a go next week. I'm submitting the first 25 pages of my novella. The part that actually needs the most workshopping so it should be good.

I was concerned about having two and a half hour classes but they go by so quickly. They are packed full and at the end I'm surprised to be finished and starting my drive home. I feel like I'm getting a better feel for my professors and my classmates. I'm comfortable, I'm starting to show myself more than last week.

So much reading to do, I shouldn't even be blogging now!

Check out a one-page play I wrote for class on my blog

Til next time!


  1. Glad you're settling in to your routine. Isn't it amazing how quickly classes go? Our workshops are 3 hours, and we always run out of time.

  2. Sounds like thinks are coming along nicely for you. Good to hear!

    Our workshop is 2.5 hours and I wouldn't mind an extra 30 mins.

  3. JayTee, how many people get workshopped in the 2.5 hours?

    Any other poetry folks, how many people do you workshop in your class time? The first week, we got through 7 poems in about 3 hrs, 10 minutes (yes, we stayed late). This week we only covered 5 poems in 3 hours. We're also talking about the chapbooks we're reading, so that's not all workshop time.

  4. I think we got through 4 poems in the 2.5 hours this time. But I think the goal is to get through like 6. We had about 30-40 minutes of lecture time in there too.

  5. Yikes! 25 pages? That's a lot!

  6. a lot to workshop or a lot to write? lol I write novels so a novella is short for me :)

  7. That's a lot for your workshop to read.

  8. when i was in my low-res program we had 3 hour sessions on most days and i want to think we did about 5 poems in each session? but we often just critiqued one person each day since each person would get critiqued during the week. man those were intense hours!


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